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Hereditary leader files court appeal in LNG energy development case

The Globe and Mail | Brent Jang | October 9 2017

A B.C. hereditary tribal leader has launched an appeal after his case was dismissed in federal court.


Case dismissed over Lelu Island

Prince Rupert Northern View | Shannon Lough | October 6 2017

The case that Yahaan, also known as Donald Wesley launched against the approval of the Pacific Northwest LNG project has been dismissed in federal court.


Petronas puts land, gas plants and pipelines up for sale after killing LNG project in B.C.

The Financial Post | October 4 2017

After cancelling their project on Lelu Island, Petronas is now selling their natural gas assets in Alberta.


China’s CNOOC cancels Aurora LNG project in B.C.

The Globe and Mail | Brent Jang | September 14 2017

Aurora LNG has pulled out of their LNG project proposed for Digby Island near Dodge Cove and Prince Rupert:


Pacific Northwest LNG is dead — what happens to court challenges now?

Discourse Media | Anya Zoledziwoski | August 1 2017

For some who opposed the PNW LNG project in British Columbia, the fight’s still not over.


Federal Court of Appeal ruling deals setback for Pacific NorthWest LNG project

The Canadian Press | Aleksandra Sagan | July 20 2017

A court case questioned whether the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline (that would feed Pacific Northwest LNG) required federal approval rather provincial approval. The federal court of appeal



Feds Never Considered Cumulative Climate Impacts Of Pacific Northwest LNG, Court Docs Reveal

De Smog Canada | Carol Linnitt | July 14 2017

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) never considered the cumulative greenhouse gas emissions of the Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal, according to documents revealed in a federal



Suppressed science report revealed in court battle over Pacific Northwest LNG

Discourse Media | Trevor Jang | June 5 2017

The Lax Kw'alaams band council shielded a report warning of the dangers of northern B.C.'s liquified natural gas project from its members, court documents reveal.


B.C.‘s LNG boom is turning out to be a costly bust

Maximilian Kniewasser | iPolitics | May 5 2017

Four years later, the big economic promises that the provincial government made about LNG have not materialized, even with the many tax and other incentives the government has offered.


Study shows methane released by oil and gas operations in B.C. higher than reported

Chris Newton | Energetic City | April 26 2017

New peer-reviewed research has concluded that methane emissions from the BC oil and natural gas operations are double what is being reported by the provincial government.


Federal scientist has proof: fracking by Petronas-owned company caused a big B.C. earthquake

Erin Ellis | National Observer | April 12 2017

The largest earthquake yet detected in British Columbia’s northeastern shale gas region was conclusively caused by fracking from Progress Energy Inc. in August 2015, says a federal scientist whose



Shell officially shelves plans to build Prince Rupert LNG project

Kelly Cryderman | The Globe and Mail | March 10 2017

Proposed for Ridley Island near the City of Prince Rupert, Shell has cancelled its LNG plans but still says it is working on its project in Kitimat.


Kitimat LNG might not be built for ten years

Chris Newton | Energetic | December 7, 2016

Citing market conditions, Chevron may not make a final investment decision on its Kitimat LNG proposal for another decade.


Shell-backed LNG Canada delays plans for terminal on B.C. coast

Brent Jang | The Globe and Mail | July 11 2016

The CEO of Shell Canada has announced they will be delaying a final investment decision indefinitely on their LNG Canada project proposed for Kitimat.


AltaGas LNG project suspended

Dwight Ford | | May 11 2016

AltaGas has announced it will be suspending its Triton LNG proposal due to market conditions. This comes after they also suspended their Douglas Channel LNG proposal in February of this year.


Northwestern B.C. LNG project shelved

Terrace Standard | Feb 25 2016

AltaGas has announced they are shelving their Douglas Channel LNG project, one of the smaller LNG proposals planned for Kitimat.


LNG investment may be too late after 2016, companies say

CBC News | January 4, 2016

After one of the worst years for gas development, the organization that represents contractors in the oil and gas industry is worried that time is running out to invest in LNG and criticizes the BC



TransCanada’s Prince Rupert natural gas pipeline receives approval

Brent Jang | The Globe and Mail | October 27 2015

TransCanada's Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline has received approval permits from the BC Oil and Gas Commission.


Pacific NorthWest planning 2016 LNG start despite legal challenge

Brent Jang | The Globe and Mail | October 15 2015

After a court case was launched against the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal by the Allied Tribes of Lax Kw'alaams, the company says they still expect to start construction next year, saying they are



B.C. LNG industry ready to take ‘final steps’: Finance Minister

Brent Jang | The Globe and Mail | October 13 2015

Despite market conditions and opposition from Indigenous peoples and environmental organizations, BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong still says the industry will be going ahead.


Lax Kw’alaams First Nation moves to veto LNG plan

Brent Jang | The Globe and Mail | September 18 2015

The Lax Kw’alaams First Nation will be filing a notice of civil claim to Lelu Island to protect critical salmon habitat of the Skeena Estuary from the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal.


Price weakness, construction costs cast B.C. LNG projects into doubt: report

Brent Jang | Vancouver Sun | September 10 2015

A report from an investment dealer in Calgary warns that high construction costs and low LNG prices could thwart plans for export proposals on the BC coast.


B.C. EAO gives thumbs up as work progresses on Kitimat LNG project

Mike Carter | Alaska Highway News | September 10 2015

After receiving their Environmental Assessment approval a few years ago, the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) has accepted that the project has "substantially started",



B.C. LNG job numbers overstated, report claims

The Globe and Mail | Brent Jang | July 27 2015

A new report has disputed the BC Liberal Government's claim that the LNG industry will create 10,000 jobs - “We find that this claim is not credible and that potential employment impacts have been



‘Unprecedented giveaway’: Former Liberal powerbroker joins NDP in blasting Christy Clark’s deal

The Province | Michael Smyth | July 20 2015

Premier Christy Clark is giving an unprecedented tax deal to the LNG industry: locked-in, rock-bottom tax-and-royalty rates, guaranteed for 25 years.


Environmental assessment certificate given to LNG Canada

Kitimat Northern Sentinel | Cameron Orr | June 17 2015

LNG Canada has received environmental assessment approval from the provincial government. A final investment decision is still required for the proposal to go ahead.


Petronas confirms FID on LNG project to be made in coming weeks

Business in Vancouver | Nelson Bennett | May 22 2015

Petronas has announced that they expect to make a conditional final investment decision in the coming weeks on their Pacific Northwest LNG project proposed for the Skeena Estuary near Prince Rupert.


For the Lax Kw’alaams, cultural identity is priceless compared to LNG

The Globe and Mail | Brent Jang | May 15 2015

Lax Kw'alaams people have voted to turn down a deal from the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal - “They’re offering us benefits if we vote Yes. But we already have a lot of benefits around us – we



No FID on Kitimat LNG in 2015, Chevron tells investors

Northwest Coast Energy News | May 1 2015

Chevron's Chief Financial Officer has announced they will not be making a final investment decision on their Kitimat LNG proposal in 2015.


Shell’s B.C. LNG project in jeopardy after $70-billion merger with BG Group, analysts say

The Vancouver Sun | April 15 2015

Shell has acquired the BG Group and along with it their Prince Rupert LNG proposal. Analysts predict this will force Shell to focus its investments in certain places among its options around the



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