Regional district briefs: Aurora LNG demobilizes

Prince Rupert Northern View | Shannon Lough | October 24 2017

Restoring Digby Island

Nexen Energy still has a bit more work on Digby Island since cancelling its liquefied natural gas project.

The company has requested for an extension on its investigative use licence, which expires on Nov. 15.

North Coast Regional District received an email from the province asking if board members would like to provide comments regarding Nexen’s demobilization of its investigative activities on Digby Island.

Director Des Nobels, who represents Dodge Cove community near where the project was expected to be built, didn’t recommend submitting any comments.

“From my perspective no comments to move forward as present as long as the ministry holds Aurora to the licence,” he said.

The email from the province stated that the site still has boardwalks, landing pads, met towers, timber storage, plastic piping in a number of bore holes, piezometers, a medical shack and cleared areas where they were drilling.

The province expects that Nexen’s demobilization plan will return the land to its original state “as reasonably possible” before the investagation began.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Develoment will follow up with a site inspection, and the company is expected to have a final demobilization report.

A delegation from Nexen was supposed to present at the September regional district meeting but withdrew after the project was cancelled. Board members stated that the company may present at either the November or December regional district meeting.

Dodge Cove ferry?

The board briefly discussed exploring ferry opportunities for Dodge Cove.

Nobels asked, and received, the board’s approval to send regional district staff to Dodge Cove to have a more in-depth discussion with residents on the ferry proposal.

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