LNG Canada Gas

Shell Canada | Korea Gas Corp. | Mitsubishi Corporation | PetroChina Company Ltd.

This $4 billion partnership has received its export license and a conditional Environmental Assessment certificate from the provincial and federal governments. It proposes to transport up to 24 million tonnes of LNG per annum starting with 14 LNG shipments per month and potentially expanding to one shipment per day. However, in July 2016, Shell announced that a final investment decision on the project was delayed in-definitely. In October 2018, Shell announced that a final investment decision had been reached.

The facility will emit atmospheric emissions, such as sulphur dioxide, mono-nitrogen oxides, greenhouse gases, fugitive hydrocarbons, and particulate matter. Due to the constrained Kitimat/Terrace airshed, this has local residents concerned.The project description outlines that fish and fish habitat in the area may be permanently altered or destructed, and that construction could further impact other marine life, migratory birds, nearby lands, and communities. 

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Douglas Channel, Kitimat (approximately 4 kilometers from the Kitamaat Village)  

There are currently no opportunities to participate or provide public comment.

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Community Information Centre
176 Ocelot Road, Kitimat (off Harbour Road at Haisla Blvd.)
Email: info@lngcanada.ca
Phone: 250-639-0497 or toll-free at 1-855-248-3631

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