Prince Rupert LNG

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Proposed by Shell, the Prince Rupert LNG facility would be located in Prince Rupert on Ridley Island. The facility would be supplied by the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project with an initial capacity of 14 million tonnes per annum. It would bring at least 150 LNG carriers to the coast per year at start-up, with the potential to nearly double.

In October, 2014 BG Group announced it would be delaying the project, citing 2017 as the year it may go ahead. In April, 2015, Royal Dutch Shell purchased the project from the BG Group and in March, 2017, Shell ended development of the project.

Ridley Island, Prince Rupert


The proposal is currently in the pre-application phase of the BC Environmental Assessment process. The public comment period on Draft Application Information Requirments closed April, 2014. There will be another opportunity to participate once the project has submitted its Environmental Assessment Application.


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